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About me 



With almost 30 years of hands on experience working in the  Lighting, Rigging, Visual and Broadcast production sector, I deliver events from concept to execution, for both live and television productions.


The profound technical and artistic knowledge in these sectors has given me the ability to plan and optimize production costs for national and international events.


My structure is not only limited to large events or TV shows, it is able to cover the massive projects as well as the smaller ones, including theatre, concert, broadcast and corporate events.


As such, planning the light design, a complex video system, all set structures and fixtures, telecamera set-up and television recording direction is carried out in the most efficient and advantageous manner with full respect of the allotted budget.


I have the ability to enhance the effectiveness of all key elements in an organization as well as creating a positive synergy between them, developing teamwork among the staff members and also between the heads of the different units of the same company.

Technical staff training and duty assignments which help stimulate and further increase their skills are among my specialities.

Massimiliano Gasbarro

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